Anchor™ Food Professionals

Anchor Culinary Cream European Sourced

With its partially reduced consistency, this special cream means shorter cooking times, yield savings & great consistency. Created by chefs for chefs to hold high temperatures – it’s perfect for cooking, chilling and reheating.

Key Benefits
Reduce prep time

Partially reduced cream means shorter cooking times and less wastage. 

Freedom to be flexible

Flexible reduction for customised flavour infusions that creates depth in every dish.

Consistently smooth & creamy

Delivers a full dairy flavour that perfectly complements other ingredients.

Reheat performance

Doesn’t separate when chilled and reheated, making it ideal for preparing dishes in advance.

“Dairy cream isn’t just for sweet treats – it also complements flavours found in savoury dishes, while adding rich texture and a smooth mouthfeel to soups and sauces. Its ability to incorporate air also creates lightness, perfect for aerating mousses and rillettes.”



Supreme Champion and Award Champion at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards in 2022.

Cream always rises to the top! Our European made Anchor Culinary Cream won the Supreme Champion Dairy Product and ICDA Award Champion Cream Trophies at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards in 2022 – the world’s biggest platform to champion world class producers of cheese and dairy products.

Anything but ordinary.

 This high-performance culinary cream is a chef’s best friend – perfect for pastas, soups, dessert and more.

Anchor Culinary Cream

Unit size Units per outer Shelf life Item code
1L 12 7 months 121628

Anchor Culinary Cream is a UHT product. For best results:

  • Store between 2-4°C after manufacture. 

  • Keep chilled between +2°C and +4°C for distrtibution and sale.

  • Keep out of direct sunlight.

  • Use strictly in rotation.

  • The production and expiry date are coded on each individual pack. 

  • Under these storage conditions, Anchor Culinary Cream will give a shelf life of seven months unopened. 

  • Once opened, it should be consumed within three days.