Launch of PizzArt by Anchor, the Ultimate Pizza Experience

16 June 2017 2 Min Read

Malaysia Anchor Food Professionals has recently embarked on a celebration of the art of pizza in its different shapes and sizes with a new campaign called PizzArt by Anchor. We upped the ante for the art of pizzas through the introduction of global trends and unique creations of ‘new age’ pizzas that are taking the world by storm.

Anchor Food Professionals PizzArt Chefs

Anchor Food Professionals Hot Cooking Advisory Chefs Noorfiruz and Alexander Chew are pictured here, sharing their artisanal pizzas to a group of invited guests

Officially launching the campaign on 18th May 2017, Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia announced its partnership with 25 restaurants in Peninsula and East Malaysia. The participating restaurants will serve selected range of artisanal pizzas during the campaign which will run from May till mid November 2017.

Anchor Food Professionals Media and Bloggers enjoy PizzArt

Media and Bloggers were kept excited and busy with an array of pizza creations

Five new recipes were conceptualized by Anchor Food Professionals Hot Cooking Advisory Chefs Noorfiruz and Alexander Chew. These include Muffin Pizza – the bite-sized versions of pizza which are perfect for breakfast or snacks, Flower Pizza – a new age pizza where the pull of every petal is filled with cheesy goodness as well as Pot Pie Pizza which uses pizza dough as the pie crust containing flavours and cheesiness of a pizza steaming inside.

Anchor Food Professionals PizzArt

Unveiling of PizzArt creations, butler style

Two other recipes that were also shared including Adjaruli Khachapuri - a Georgian invention of a boat shaped pizza filled with hot cheese and oozing egg and Pizza Bomb - a ball of chewy dough with a crispy crust that creates an explosion of flavour and cheesiness. The artisanal quality of the pizza creations use real dairy ingredients from New Zealand and can only be made by kitchen crew with advanced culinary skills, and in restaurants with pizza ovens. 

Anchor Food Professionals PizzArt range

The PizzArt by Anchor range (from left to right): Pizza Bomb, Flower Pizza, Adjaruli Khachapuri, Muffin Pizza and Pot Pie Pizza

As the number one foodservice dairy solutions provider in Malaysia who are continuously finding ways to help partners stay ahead, Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia provided various marketing activities to support the launch of the new menu. These include a workshop for participating customers, media coverage, premiums to diners, POSM and collaterals for the restaurants as well as Facebook marketing campaign in the coming months. Check out the list of participating outlets