Cream the natural choice

2 November 2017 2 Min Read

With today’s diners demanding real food, it makes good business sense to choose ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible.

Cream: The natural choice

And dairy cream fits that bill perfectly, delivering a premium flavour, mouthfeel and texture consumers know and love. Considered a “hero” ingredient for bakers and pastry chefs, dairy cream is ideal for a wide range of bakery products and desserts, including cream cakes, mousse and ganache. 

Dairy UHT cream:

  • Is made using fresh cream
  • Has no added colours or flavours
  • Usually has no added sugar
  • Delivers the natural taste of dairy with an even, rounded mouthfeel
  • Is highly functional and can be used in a wide variety of foodservice applications

In contrast, non-dairy UHT cream:

  • Is made from vegetable oil
  • Has colours and flavours added to mimic dairy cream
  • Has an oily mouthfeel
  •  Has added sugar and may contain trans-fats, depending on the oil used to make it
  • Is primarily used as a decorative topping on cakes and desserts

Non-dairy cream is essentially a formulation where the fat portion (generally 30-45%) is made up of vegetable fats (like palm oil), instead of natural dairy fat.

Typically, non-dairy cream is very white-coloured and lacks the natural, indulgent flavour consumers associate with dairy cream. This often means those food professionals who do opt for a non-dairy cream also end up blending in a certain percentage of real dairy cream into their mix, in order to boost their offering’s flavour.