Sustainability In Action

Anchor Food Professionals is part of the New Zealand based Fonterra Co-operative. That means we’re jointly owned by over 10,000 proud farming families who care about their cows, land, waterways, pasture – and the future of the planet we all share.

For us, sustainability isn’t something new it's a  cornerstone of our strategy

Here's how we bring it to life:
Healthy Environment

Working together to achieve a healthier environment for everyone by addressing climate change, water, and biodiversity.

  • Through low carbon dairying. 
  • By improving the health and biodiversity of our land and water by having a regenerative mindset.
  • And improving productivity while minimising waste from farm to consumer. Read more.
Healthy Business

Delivering long-term sustainable prosperity for our farmers, partners and communities.

We support our customers with financial solutions, price risk management, menu innovation, product development and more.

  • Our farmer-owned co-operative supports the livelihoods of many thousands of people. Read more.
  • Working with our partners globally to provide solutions to support sustainable businesses. Read more.


Healthy People

Caring for people and making a positive social impact.


  • Address public health challenges
  • Provide positive employment for our people. Read more
  • Improve the health of our communities.


What we're working towards:

Healthy Environment

  • 2025: All packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable
  • 2025: All NZ farms have a Farm Environment Plan
  • 2025: Zero waste to landfill
  • 2030: 30% reduction in GHG emissions for manufacturing operations
  • 2030: 30% reduction in water use at sites in water-stressed regions
  • 2050: Net zero GHG emissions for manufacturing operations

Healthy People

  • World-class injury prevention
  • World-class engagement
  • 2019: 100% sites certified to leading food safety and quality level
  • 2022: 50% female representation in senior leadership
  • 2025: 100% product portfolio meeting endorsed nutrition guidelines