Add flavour and texture to burgers and sandwiches with the convenience of our easy-peel, slice on slice processed cheese. The quick serves save time and wastage with no prep, and no mess.

Save time, every time

with the fast presentation of a staggered stack of Anchor Slice-on-Slice Processed Cheese.

Key benefits


Great cheese flavours

Made from New Zealand cheese and dairy, Anchor Pale and Coloured Cheddar slices have a savoury ‘medium’ Cheddar taste, while Swiss Style uses Swiss cheese for a sweet, nutty flavour.


Melts in moments

Every slice melts perfectly, keeping a smooth, creamy texture on burgers and sandwiches.


Stable on the shelf

A longer shelf life offers superior stability and consistency, compared to natural cheese slices.

Storage & Handling

Keep refrigerated, if kept at optimal conditions:

  • Use the Pale and Coloured Processed Cheese Slices within 12 months of manufacture.
  • Use Swiss Style Processed Cheese Slices within seven months of manufacture.

Please note: Anchor Slice-on-Slice Processed Cheese is not designed to be melted in contact with a cooking surface or naked flame.