With its partially reduced formula, it also reduces cooking time, food cost and wastage. Made from high quality New Zealand milk, Anchor Culinary Cream is specially formulated to hold high temperatures – making it ideal for cook, chill and reheat applications.

Specially formulated to hold hot temperatures, it is ideal for heat – chill – reheat applications.

The partially reduced cream also reduces cooking time, cost and wastage.

Key benefits


Smooth mouthfeel, glossy shine

Cream that gives dishes a great taste and texture, and coats them with a glossy finished shine.


High performance and versatility

Anchor Culinary Cream is ideal for a wide range of applications – making it the only cream for culinary needs.


No after-thickening

Cream that is perfect for making sauces ahead of time to re-heat without any splitting or curdling.

Storage & Handling

Anchor Culinary Cream is a UHT product. For best results:

  • Store between 2-4°C after manufacture. Keep chilled between +2°C and +4°C for distrtibution and sale.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Use strictly in rotation.

The production and expiry date are coded on each individual pack. Under these storage conditions, Anchor Culinary Cream will give a shelf life of seven months unopened. Once opened, it should be consumed within seven days.