Our Sustainability Story

Sustainability in Action

Anchor Food Professionals is part of the New Zealand based Fonterra Co-operative. That means we’re jointly owned by over 10,000 proud farming families who care about their cows, land, waterways, pasture – and the future of the planet we all share.

Bringing the farm to you

Virtual Fonterra Farm Tour

The past two years have been anything but ordinary with less travel and more time at home so we wanted to bring a piece of New Zealand to you. At Anchor Food Professionals we are proud of our hard working farmers, our on farm virtual tour shows you the ins and outs as to how your product starts from the grass and its transformed into our tasty dairy products for your recipes.  

For us, sustainability isn’t something new it's a  cornerstone of our strategy

Here's how we bring it to life:

Healthy Environment

Working together to achieve a healthier environment for everyone by addressing climate change, water, and biodiversity:

  • Through low carbon dairying. 
  • By improving the health and biodiversity of our land and water by having a regenerative mindset.
  • And improving productivity while minimising waste from farm to consumer.

Healthy Business

Delivering long-term sustainable prosperity for our farmers, partners and communities.
We support our customers with financial solutions, price risk management, menu innovation, product development and more.

  • Our farmer-owned co-operative supports the livelihoods of many thousands of people. Read more >
  • Working with our partners globally to provide solutions to support sustainable businesses. Read more >

Healthy People

Caring for people and making a positive social impact.

  • Address public health challenges
  • Provide positive employment for our people.
  • Improve the health of our communities.

What we're working towards:

Healthy Environment
  • 2025: All packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable
  • 2025: All NZ farms have a Farm Environment Plan
  • 2025: Zero waste to landfill
  • 2030: 30% reduction in GHG emissions for manufacturing operations
  • 2030: 30% reduction in water use at sites in water-stressed regions
  • 2050: Net zero GHG emissions for manufacturing operations
Healthy People
  • World-class injury prevention
  • World-class engagement
  • 2019: 100% sites certified to leading food safety and quality level
  • 2022: 50% female representation in senior leadership
  • 2025: 100% product portfolio meeting endorsed nutrition guidelines