Nowadays people eat out more often than they’re eating at home. Foodservice is all about food and beverages that are consumed out of the home. Consumers visit foodservice outlets for a number of reasons, such as, the added convenience, to sample new tastes and flavours, to celebrate and to socialise.


Foodservice covers a wide range of eating occasions and outlets:

- Hotel
- Restaurants
- Cafes
- Cafeterias
- Cinemas and Theatres
- Schools
- Airports
- Hospitals


Today’s foodservice professionals face ever-increasing consumer demands. They are challenged to provide fresh, quality, nutritious food, as fast and efficiently as possible while keeping costs down and continuing to surprise and delight consumers.

From the types of food being served, the products on offer, the setting of the venue, or the way in which food is actually delivered, innovation in Foodservice is key to success. Dairy play’s a key role in the foodservice industry with $1 of every $6 spent on dairy-intensive foodservice products.

It is easy to see why specialist dairy products are important to keep up with the needs of the Foodservice industry.

Pizza is the world’s most popular food and Mozzarella can often account for over 40% of the ingredient cost of a pizza.

Bakery is the largest Foodservice category in Asia with dairy typically contributing to over 30% of the total ingredient costs in these outlets.

With increasing proportions of the population becoming consumers, increasing urbanisation and the westernisation of diets, the emerging economies in Asia are seeing significant growth in foodservice outlets and total foodservice spending. And Bakery outlets are riding this wave. One of the reasons consumers walk through the doors of bakeries is the tantalising array of cream cakes, croissants & cheese cakes, buns, and desserts made with the great taste and indulgent texture of natural dairy.

With our industry insights and world leading research and innovation Anchor Food Professionals are continuously creating new high-function, fit-for purpose dairy ingredients and service solutions that help meet the demands foodservice professionals around the world.


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