Contactless food service has become a key consideration for businesses and

consumers almost overnight, many different methods have been introduced by businesses to enable trading now and protect their right to trade in the future.

This can be a complicated process to introduce to a business, there are a lot rules pertaining to food safety and contact tracing, also having options for customers to review your menu and finding the right method for payment.  

Here are some useful resources for you and some pointers to help get underway.

There are platforms already available with options to set up contactless foodservice such as Shopify ( Shopify offers an introductory free trial and through Shopify, you gain access to a range of mobile apps, many of which offer options for pickup or delivery.

Zomato ( has been developing contactless-dining for their app, this will enable customers to review menus, place orders, and pay, all whilst avoiding contact with surfaces other people may have touched.




Food Safety in a contactless or reduced contact environment has many requirements, food businesses must follow these to ensure their food is safe for consumers. New Zealand Food Safety has developed easy ways for businesses to meet these requirements so they can get up and running, including making changes to the way they operate.

Visit MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries) website to stay up to date and review the resources available.