Go to Havarti Heaven with this delicious dish

Get Ready

  • Soft white rolls brushed with Mainland Butter and
  • Make a tarragon mayo with tarragon, mint, garlic,
    rapeseed oil, lemon juice
  • Confit duck leg with bay leaf, tarragon and peppercorns
    then shred
  • Pan fried duck breast, rest and slice Kapiti Smoked
    Havarti (Sliced)
  • Crispy fried egg
  • Tobacco onions - half onion finely sliced, doused in flour,
    paprika, salt & pepper and deep fried
  • Chilli jam



To Build

  1. Spread the toasted rolls with tarragon mayo.
  2. Layer over the confit duck and the sliced, seared duck breast.
  3. Top with slices of havarti and grill to melt a little.
  4. Top with the fried egg, tobacco onions and chilli jam.
  5. Finish with micro cress.

The Result