Honey Chicken is a very popular takeout recipe with crispy, tender chicken in a sticky and sweet honey sauce. After putting this sweet little Honey Crispy Chicken Pizza on your menu you may need to invest in a beehive to keep up with the demand. Ingredients that are simple but so delicious that you will be buzzing with excitement from the feedback you get.

A very popular takeout recipe with crispy, tender chicken in a sticky and sweet honey sauce. 


  • 1 large pizza dough
  • 1 ladle pizza sauce
  • 138g Anchor Extra Stretch mozzarella
  • 150g fried chicken strips - own recipe
  • 30ml runny honey
  • 1 sprig fresh rosemary, stalks removed and roughly chopped



Make a margarita base, with sauce.

Spread the chicken and cheese evenly over the pizza and cook.

Once cooked sprinkle rosemary over the pizza and drizzle the honey. 


Anchor Extra Stretch Mozzarella

Mainland Mozzarella or Pizza Blend

*Estimated Average Volume

Add crumbled blue cheese and chives for a flavour match made in heaven. Name the variety of honey on your pizza to add value and individuality to the menu description. Top with blue cheese and a sweet dark chutney for additional colour and flavour.

This 100% mozzarella saves valuable time and reduces wastage. Individually quick frozen to capture the fresh quality and authentic taste, Extra Stretch mozzarella makes the perfect pizza.


A mild, Italian style cheese that is boiled and stretched to give it a stretchy quality when melted onto pizza or used fresh.


Mainland Special Reserve Blue Vein is a distinctive blue vein style cheese with blue and green veins that course through a moist, crumbly body. Ideal cheese for cheeseboards or to use in salads or hot dishes.