Gourmet burgers may not be a new food trend but they still prove perennially popular. And it’s not hard to see why.



Far removed from their fast food cousins, a gourmet burger sees great care taken to perfect the meat patty, to craft a beautiful bun to place it on and to match the other produce to go with it.

But after all that effort, it would be a travesty to layer in any old slice of cheese – because a little creativity goes a long way in producing a standout cheeseburger.

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While it’s hard to go wrong with a generous slice of quality cheese oozing over a traditional beef patty, there are plenty of other options to tickle the taste buds of the discerning burger fan.

For example, Mainland’s Vintage Cheddar or Kapiti’s Tuteremoana Cheddar are both capable of creating a little piece of burger heaven.

Layer these aged cheddars, with their sharp flavours and firm textures, alongside crumbed pulled pork and pineapple and you have yourself a taste sensation in a bun.

Meanwhile, a quality lamb burger becomes even more memorable with the addition of tzatziki and grilled slices of Mainland’s Special Reserve Haloumi.

Of course, cheese need not be merely layered in a burger to enhance the dish’s flavour. A strong-flavoured cheese can work wonders when mixed into the meat patty itself. A sprinkling of Perfect Italiano’s Parmesan can give a burger patty even greater taste, for example, as can Kapiti’s strong, sweet and salty Awa Blue.

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Or you might prefer to make cheese the main event of a burger.

Deep fried slices of a blue cheese like Mainland’s Special Reserve Blue Vein are delicious when sandwiched together with charred field mushrooms and lemon.

But whatever cheese you choose and whether its influence is strong or subtle, there is no doubting the pull of a top-quality cheeseburger.