Work with a local butcher and create a unique sausage for your restaurant. They can tailor a recipe to your needs and this will create additional value in your dish. This oversized Yorkshire pudding will deliver a wow moment as the dish is delivered to the table. The crispy crust, rich stout gravy and creamy Anchor Sour Cream potatoes will take the house sausage to a new level. By naming the brand of beer in the gravy, and including a link to the local butchery, you will add extra value to the dish and give your customers an insight into how much you care about your ingredients. All this adds to the experience and makes it worthwhile for them to talk about with their friends.

Yorkshire Pudding Base


  • 100g plain flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 3 large free-range eggs
  • 225ml Anchor Blue Top Milk
  • 4 tbsp sunflower oil


Mix the flour and salt together in a bowl and make a well in the centre. Add the eggs and a little of the milk. 

Whisk until smooth, then gradually add the remaining milk. This can be done with a wooden spoon, but is easier with an electric hand-held whisk. Pour the mixture into a jug.

In a large frying pan, seal and colour your house sausage. When it is a perfect golden brown add a good drizzle of sunflower oil to the pan and allow to get hot. 

Pour in the pudding mix and place straight into the oven for 15 minutes until golden brown and crispy.

Sour Cream & Tarragon Mash

  • 4ea large agria potatoes, washed & peeled
  • 4 tbsp Anchor Sour Cream
  • 1 small bunch of tarragon, chopped
  • 1 tsp wholegrain mustard
  • 100ml Anchor Blue Top Milk
  • Salt and pepper


Grab two saucepans. Boil your potatoes in one until soft, then drain and return to the heat to cook for 2 minutes to dry the potatoes out.

In your second pot, add everything except the tarragon and bring to a simmer.

Whisk the sour cream mixture into your potatoes and whisk until light, fluffy and smooth.

Finally, add your chopped tarragon to finish, season to taste.

Stout & Onion Gravy

  • 1L house-made gravy, your choice
  • 500ml London porter, bitter or stout
  • 2ea onions finely sliced
  • 1 tbsp sherry vinegar
  • 1 tsp Mainland Unsalted Butter
  • Sprig of thyme or rosemary


Have your house gravy made already and set aside.

In a saucepan add a little oil and the butter along with the onions and cook on medium until dark golden brown and caramelized. Once this has happened, add the sherry vinegar and the thyme, cooking for a further 2 minutes.

Add your beer and increase the heat to medium-high and reduce the beer by half. 

Add this to your house gravy for good old-fashioned porter and onion gravy.

Don’t cook your sausages all the way through before adding the batter or they will overcook.

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