A perfectly brewed cup of coffee has long been a classic finishing touch to a meal. In fact, not having coffee after dinner is unheard of in some parts of the world.



The elixir of life for many, a good coffee is both something to savour and an opportunity to extend a dining experience. For those reasons, many customers don’t need the extra encouragement to order a coffee at the end of their meal.

But for those that are wavering, they may be encouraged to add on a coffee if they knew it was going to complement the dessert about to be placed in front of them.

Much like certain varieties of wine lend themselves better to certain dishes, the right coffee can elevate a dessert and further tantalise those tastebuds. With more foodies recognising this, you could make their ordering decisions even easier by adding to menus which coffee pairs with each dessert.

When it comes to matching coffee, the basic concept involves choosing a brew that complements the flavours found in its accompanying dish.

A light-roast coffee, for example, lends itself to fruit-based desserts such as crumbles or compotes, lighter cakes, or citrusy indulgences like lemon meringue pie.

Moving up the scale, a medium-roast coffee is ideally matched with creamier desserts like crème brulee and cheesecake, or spicier dishes such as carrot cake or poached pears.

Then there are the rich and decadent treats that match beautifully with a dark-roasted coffee. Think chocolate desserts such as fondant, truffles and mousse, denser cheesecakes, and dishes that feature nuts or caramel.

Of course, coffee is also very popular when used in a dessert itself.

RECIPE: Coffee and walnut cream cake

Satisfy your customers’ caffeine cravings with a mocha cheesecake or tiramisu, café au lait ice-cream, or that most simple – but dreamy – of after-dinner treats, affogato. Or perhaps solve a diner’s problem of choosing between an after-dinner cocktail or coffee by combining both in a coffee cocktail.

But whether or not a customer chooses to have dessert alongside their post-meal coffee, that cup of java needs to be made to perfection, which is where Anchor milk comes in. Its 100% LIGHT-PROOF bottle locks in the taste and goodness of the milk, which is vital to the coffee-making process.

By ensuring the delivery of a consistent, quality cup of coffee with a rich, creamy taste, you can guarantee a customer’s evening ends on a high note.

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