It’s a common scenario as a main dish is cleared from a table: A diner holds up a hand as the dessert menu is presented and says “No, no, I couldn’t possibly,” only to take a glance at what’s on offer and change their mind.



That’s because the decision to order dessert is often a spontaneous one and it’s easily triggered by the presence of a comforting classic on the menu.

Dishes with old-fashioned charm, like crumble or pie, have had new life breathed into them over recent years and been welcomed by diners keen to conjure up fond childhood memories.

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While these reinvented classics with less traditional flavours may be a little different to what Grandma used to make, they still benefit from the same lashings of cream or custard. In its 100% LIGHT-PROOF bottle, Anchor’s Fresh Cream provides the rich, deep taste necessary for an unforgettable dessert. And as far as comfort foods go, it’s hard to beat a silky serving of Anchor Custard.

But these products need not be relegated to just supporting acts when it comes to dessert. Few other ingredients are as capable of producing decadent, creamy results and they work with a myriad of other flavours.

While cream and chocolate – two undisputed champions of the dessert world – have a wide appeal, lemon and cream also work exquisitely together, for example. Try bringing the duo together in a simple panna cotta or a lemon posset.

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Dairy also comes into its own at the dessert table when used in its cultured forms, adding depth to a dish.

Anchor Sour Cream for instance, is key to a perfect cake or sweet pie. It helps to balance out the sweetness of a dessert, as demonstrated in this Citrus Sour Cream Cake.

Or you might prefer to use Perfect Italiano’s Ricotta to create your own interpretation of a classic Italian cheesecake.

Because when it comes to dessert, dairy reigns supreme. Whether you choose to use milk, cream, custard, sour cream or cream cheese, the depths of flavour these elements bring to sweet treats is unparalleled. The ingredients are recognised by diners as beloved, honest comfort foods and ones they’re keen to sample in both new and traditional forms.