Use Kāpiti, Mainland and Perfect Italiano Cheese to add depth and character to your menu. Here are five not-so-common topping ideas for pizza.



It’s no secret we live in an age where people enjoy sharing a meal out and – like it or not – enjoy sharing that meal on their various social media accounts. And a generous, well-presented pizza is perfect for both those types of sharing.

Yes, pizza is something many people can make for themselves fairly easily at home, but a perfectly crispy base with toppings diners may not necessarily have thought of themselves is still a very tempting prospect when ordering from a menu.

Mozzarella, of course, has long been favoured for adorning pizza. With its mild flavour and traditional stretchy melt, Perfect Italiano’s Mozzarella works beautifully with most toppings. However, sprinkle it over lime-and-Thai-basil prawns and top it with slices of avocado and you have something that little bit extra special.

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When paired with the right ingredients, Mainland’s mild, slightly salty Special Reserve Haloumi also works well atop a pizza. Try adding it to a base that is smothered with pumpkin puree as its sauce and crispy kale for a vegetarian option with bite.

When it’s in season, lightly charred asparagus can also transform a pizza into a restaurant-quality dish, especially when combined with sundried tomatoes and Perfect Italiano’s creamy Ricotta.

For those diners who prefer a bit of meat on their pizza, grilled chicken and pancetta marry handsomely with Anchor’s velvety Cream Cheese and a chive aioli. Meanwhile a combination of serrano ham, charred peach, smoked walnuts and Kāpiti's Kikorangi Blue Cheese would also prove very hard to pass up.

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So while there is still much to be said for keeping flavours traditional when it comes to pizza, those who consider themselves connoisseurs of the dish will flock to establishments that aren’t afraid to try new flavours in this most shareable of foods.