In the old days they used to think that throwing a custard pie to the face was hilarious.

Nowadays, what a waste when there’s so many other wonderful ideas you can do with custard. Thick, creamy custard is perfect for so many dessert ideas – either hot or cold. It’s even great by itself.

Moist, steaming Christmas pudding just wouldn’t be the same without hot custard lovingly dolloped on it. Equally resplendent as part of your Christmas feast is the mighty trifle, and let’s be honest, custard is definitely the star layer of this dessert!

RECIPE: Mini Gingernut and Plum Trifles

Custard also works well when mixed in with fresh fruit, a banana split or with berries.

Finally there are two desserts that need a good helping of custard to really work. Rhubarb becomes a mouthful of sticky sweetness exploding with flavour when you add custard, and hot apple pie or crumble begs for you to pour a jug of our custard all over it.

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