Custard & Cream

Cream and custard for cooking, decorating, and devouring

Anchor Vanilla Custard

Delicious, thick, creamy custard—ready to use anytime, anywhere.

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Anchor Fresh Cream

Anchor™ Cream is a smooth and luxurious full fat cream.

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Anchor Thickened Cream

Anchor™ Thickened Cream is a ready whipped cream.

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Anchor Bulk Cream

Anchor™ Bulk Cream is a smooth and luxurious full fat fresh cream in a 1000L pallecon

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Anchor UHT Culinary Cream

Cream specially designed for all hot kitchen applications.

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Anchor UHT Whipping Cream

The high-performing whipping cream for all patisserie, dessert and beverage needs

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Extra Stretch Mozzarella Cheese

Conveniently pre-grated, this 100% mozzarella saves you valuable time and reduces wastage.

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