Cared for Cows

We believe our cows are amongst the best cared for cows in the world and that the way we care for our cows makes them happy. We pride ourselves on the wellbeing of our animals, so our cows are treated with care and enjoy long, content and healthy lives. 

Our New Zealand farmers partner with experts to grow healthy, nutrient-rich grass. Because healthy cows make milk that’s full of goodness. Better for them. Better for your recipes. 

In New Zealand, the use of growth hormones (rBST) to increase milk production is prohibited. 

Our pasture based system allows cows to exhibit natural behaviours. They can choose where to eat and drink and freely interact with other cows.

Our cows spend over 350 days of a year on pasture. 

New Zealand takes animal wellbeing seriously

Cows are the heart of every dairy farm, and their wellbeing means everything to our farmers. They are valued and treated with respect throughout their lives, ensuring they are healthy, productive, and well cared for.