My team love that it doesn’t need any reduction. No reduction means no guesswork.

Perfect results. Everytime.

Why our creams are better

Our UHT creams are fast becoming the cream of choice for food service professionals, as they look for a product that won’t over-whip, holds its shape and - most importantly - retains the freshness of pure dairy.

Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT) exposes our cream to high temperatures for a short burst of time ensures a longer shelf life and preserves the product’s nutrients and sought-after flavor.

Anchor™ Food Professionals UHT creams are homogenised, cooled and packaged into sterile Tetra-Pak cartons, improving the product’s stability and shelf life to 9 months.

With 20-36% milk fat, these quality creams are highly functional with a variety of uses across foodservice applications. No artificial flavors or colors.

We create world-class ingredients that perform under pressure

Using insights gained from bakeries and kitchens around the world, Anchor™ Food Professionals has developed a range of industry-leading products to suit business needs and satisfy customers’ tastes