Chef Heath Schecter combines an architect’s eye with culinary expertise to build creative new solutions in the kitchen.

Most chefs can design a menu, but not many can say they know how to design a building. As an experienced chef and trained architect, Chef Heath Schecter can do both. He brings this unique perspective to the kitchen, balancing creativity and precision with a passion for food.

Over a 35 year culinary career, Heath has seen the food industry from every side, in roles ranging from fast food service and tending bars to General Management and product development. He has also written and published a cookbook.

After his formal training at the Arizona Culinary Institute, Heath worked for celebrity chef Beau MacMillan at the award-winning elements restaurant in Arizona, where he developed a flair for American cuisine with international accents. Heath then took this spirit of culinary adventure with him to Chicago, where he was General Manager and Executive Chef at Flatlander’s Restaurant & Brewery.

Heath has worked in product development for the past seven years, creating recipes and formulations for customers including national chains and local restaurants. He combines his fine dining expertise with technical skill to design products that deliver on taste, value and quality.

In his current role as Corporate Executive Chef at Anchor Food Professionals, Heath works with other chefs to come up with new concepts in food.

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Chef Heath Schecter
Corporate Executive Chef