A talented musician in his spare time, Chef Kevin O’Reilly helps customers find their rhythm in the kitchen.

Chef Kevin O’Reilly got his first break in the kitchen whilst he was a music student - he calls this his “trial by fryer” – and hasn’t looked back since. He threw himself into the culinary trade, spending a year proving his worth as a stagiaire at Restaurant Bouchard in Newport, Rhode Island, absorbing all he could about French food and cooking, before taking on a full-time position.

Moving to a role as Corporate Executive Chef responsible for a group of 13 independent restaurants in New Jersey gave Chef Kevin first-hand experience of the demands placed on diverse kitchens, from fine-dining to wedding catering. While running the group’s centralised training kitchen, he was responsible for educating staff on menu development, pricing and how to run an effective, cost-efficient kitchen.

Chef Kevin joined Anchor Food Professionals following 2 years in sales at Sysco. Today, Kevin is Anchor Food Professionals’ Business Development Regional Chef based in Metro-New York.

Here he dedicates himself to solving problems for customers – developing recipes that make the ingredients sing, using products chefs can rely on in a high-pressure kitchen.

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Chef Kevin O’Reilly
Business Development Regional Chef