A quality culinary cream can work its magic in a variety of ways – here’s. Just a few of them:

Creamy pastas remain a popular menu choice, with customers finding them hard to pass up. Spaghetti, Alfredo, tortellini, carbonara, macaroni, fettuccine… the list goes on.

Whether you’re using a few cups or just a few tablespoons, culinary cream gives soup a silky mouthfeel and rich flavour.

Scrambled eggs
Cream elevates the humble scrambled egg with a touch of velvety richness.

Other mains
Culinary cream is also great for sauces, beef stroganoff, potato gratin and cream-based curries.

Faster pasta
Anchor Food Professionals’ cream is well-positioned to tap into today’s ‘need for speed’ trend that sees consumers demanding better quality food with faster service.

With its quick turnaround time, pasta is ideal for providing customers with food fast – rather than fast food – and our cream is ideal for innovating these types of dishes.

Although there might be a move away from traditional, heavy sauces, cream is still the preferred ingredient for adding texture to a pasta dish, largely because of its neutral flavour profile. While it adds body to a sauce, our cream works with other ingredients, such as fresh herbs, to help impart flavour and delight customers.