Why our butter is better

We use the natural goodness of New Zealand dairy to create fit-for-purpose products and solutions specifically designed for, and by food professionals and the environments they work in.

Anchor™ Butter is processed during the New Zealand spring through summer months delivering consistency to the final product. Made from high-quality pasteurised cream – with no chemical processing or additives, our butters are firmer, with a deep distinctive creamy butter flavour and signature golden yellow colour.

Frozen after manufacture to preserve that clean and fresh flavour, Anchor™ Butter allows our customers to consistently produce high quality products.

Anchor™ Lamination Butter Sheets give a crisp and flaky croissant with a deliciously soft honeycomb texture, every time. With butter that’s neither too soft nor too hard, the thin format sheets allow easy rolling, fast tempering and excellent workability. With a higher melting point, they are the ideal sheet format, saving time prepping butter and speeding up production.

We can provide a variety of butter types to suit your needs and improve functional performance in your kitchen. These include unsalted and salted butters in individual serving sizes, and as well as in unsalted butter in bulk.