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Anchor™ Lamination
Butter Sheets

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The perfect croissant is easy with the right butter. AnchorTM Lamination Butter Sheets are made from New Zealand pasteurized cream from grass-fed cows. They’re designed for their ease of use and flexibility, ensuring deliciously crisp, flaky croissants with a honeycomb texture and rich, authentic butter flavor.


Better lamination

This speciality pastry butter is designed to consistently give better, easier lamination – delivering flavorsome, light and flaky croissants.


Perfect texture

Anchor™ Lamination Butter Sheets deliver a crisp and flaky croissant with a deliciously soft honeycomb texture.

Easy and convenient

The excellent plasticity and flexibility of AnchorTM Lamination Butter Sheets allows easy workability and consistency of the dough, while the ready- made sheets are ideal for bakeries.

Highly flexible

With butter that’s neither too soft nor too hard, the thin format sheets allow easy rolling, fast tempering and excellent workability.

Higher melting point butter

Specially designed for use in warm bakeries and for faster proofing, Anchor™ Lamination Butter Sheets have a melting point of 98°F.

Higher melting point

The butter sheets won’t soften too fast, or oil out at higher proofing temperatures, allowing for greater productivity.

Safe and natural

Made from pasteurized cream from grass fed cows, the butter is 83% milk fat – with no chemical processing or additives.

Save time and money

The ideal sheet format – save time prepping butter and speed up production.


Product Name: Anchor™ Lamination Butter Sheets (PB34)
Pack Size: 20/1kg (2.2 lb.) sheets
Product Code: 115595
Case GTIN: 10852358001768
Case Dimensions: 12.5” x 12.2” x9.5”
Net Weight: 44.09 lbs
TI/HI: 6/6 

Storage & Handling

For best results:

• Store frozen inside the carton until needed.

• Thaw in a refrigerator fully wrapped in plastic allow 48 hours.

• When needed, remove the sheets from the refrigerator and temper to 46 -50 °F, depending on the production environment.

• The sheets are ready to use when they are pliable and able to bend 45 degrees without breaking or tearing.

• The shelf life under refrigerated conditions (36-39°F) is at least 8 weeks.