Add richness to your recipes without overpowering them by using our quickly melting Egmont cheese. The fast, yet even melt will save you time but be delicious.

Mainland Egmont is soft and mild,

combining the characteristics of your favourite cheeses and is flexible enough for a variety of dishes.

Key benefits


All natural

Made with rBST free milk from grass-fed cows and contains no additives.


Ideal melt

Melts evenly every time making it an ideal cheese for cooking.


Superior stretch

With stretching prosperities similar to Mozzarella, it achieves great coverage and a generous apppearance.


Perfect texture

When baked or broiled, it holds without seperation and adds a smooth, velvety texture to any soup or sauce.


Amazing flavour

Slightly sweet like Gouda with a medium cheddar finish.


Storage & Handling

  • Store at 28.4°F.
  • Ideal for use in processed cheese applications.
  • Excellent as a shredding cheese.