Using insights gained from bakeries and kitchens around the world, Anchor Food Professionals has developed a range of creams to suit business needs and satisfy customers’ tastes.

Anchor Food Professionals UHT creams are fast becoming the cream of choice for foodservice professionals, as they look for a product that won’t over-whip, holds its shape and – most importantly – retains the freshness of pure dairy.

To achieve a natural, rich dairy flavour, texture and colour, the cream undergoes a process known as Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT). Exposing the cream to high temperatures for a short burst of time ensures a longer shelf life and preserves the product’s nutrients and sought-after flavour.

Anchor Food Professionals UHT creams are then homogenised, cooled and packaged into sterile Tetra-Pak cartons, improving the product’s stability and shelf life to 9 months..

With 20-36% milk fat, these quality creams are highly functional with a variety of uses across foodservice applications.

No artificial flavors or colors.