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Cooking Cream

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Anchor™ Chef’s Cooking Cream requires no reduction, saving valuable time and money in the kitchen. Buy one quart, use one quart. Can Anchor™ Chef’s Cooking Cream benefit you?




Chef’s Cooking Cream helps save time in the kitchen and maintains recipe consistency.


Save time and money

Chef’s Cooking Cream has an already reduced consistency, so when you buy 1 quart, you use 1 quart.

Saves money

With no need for reduction, Chef’s Cooking Cream provides up to 40% greater yield.

Reheat performance

With Chef’s Cooking Cream, you can prepare sauces before service without them splitting or curdling when reheated to order.

Consistently creamy

Use only what is needed to produce the same smooth, creamy dishes every time.


Chef’s Cooking Cream is made with real cream, contains 20% butterfat, is Kosher certified and gluten free.

Lasting stability

Chef’s Cooking Cream performs in both acidic and spicy recipes, without splitting or curdling.

Reheat performance

Rely on this high-performing ingredient to stay stable when reheating chilled or frozen dishes.


Product Name: Anchor™ Chef’s Cooking Cream
Pack Size: 12/1qt.
Product Code: 113759
UPC: 852358001679
Case GTIN: 10852358001676
Case Dimensions: 14.25” x 7.87” x 7.45”
Net Weight: 26 lbs
TI/HI: 15/5

Product Name: Anchor™ Chef’s Cooking Cream
Pack Size: 2/2.5 gallon bag in box
Product Code: 113769
UPC: 852358001846
Case GTIN: 10852358001843
Case Dimensions: 10.25" x 15.5" x 10.25"
Net Weight: 42.55 lbs
TI/HI: 10/5

Storage & Handling

Anchor™ Chef’s Cooking Cream is a UHT product

For best results:

  • The product can either be stored ambient between 68°F and 77° or refrigerated between 36°F and 39°F.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Rotate the stock regularly.
  • Anchor™ Chef’s Cooking Cream has a 7 month shelf life.