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Heavy Cream

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With an already reduced consistency, Anchor™ Chef’s Heavy Cream reduces cooking time, food cost and wastage. Specially formulated to hold high temperatures – making it ideal for cook, chill and reheat applications. Can Anchor™ Chef’s Heavy Cream benefit you?



Save time, money and wastage

Already reduced consistency cream means shorter cooking times, great consistency and higher yield. Buy one quart, use one quart.


Consistent dishes every time

Cream that delivers great taste and texture for consistently beautiful and delicious dishes.

Specially formulated

Chef’s Heavy Cream is formulated to achieve high heat and acid stability, with proven performance in holding hot temperatures, acidic and spicy recipes.

High performance and versatility

Anchor™ Chef’s Heavy Cream is ideal for a wide range of applications – making it the only cream for all culinary needs.

Regeneration Stable

The ideal ingredient for all cook – chill – reheat applications, without separating, splitting or curdling.

No after-thickening

Cream that is perfect for making sauces ahead of time to re-heat without any splitting or curdling.


Chef’s Heavy Cream is made with real cream, is Kosher certified and gluten free.


Product Name: Anchor™ Chef’s Heavy Cream
Pack Size: 12/1qt.
Product Code: 113726
UPC: 852358001683
Case GTIN: 10852358001683
Case Dimensions: 14.25” x 7.87” x 7.45”
Net Weight: 26 lbs
TI/HI: 15/5

Product Name: Anchor™ Chef’s Heavy Cream
Pack Size: 2/2.5 gal.
Product Code: 113760
UPC: 852358001839
Case GTIN: 10852358001836
Case Dimensions:  
Net Weight:  

Storage & Handling

Anchor™ Chef’s Heavy Cream is a UHT product

For best results:

  • The product can either be stored ambient between 68°F and 77° or refrigerated between 36°F and 39°F.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Rotate the stock regularly.
  • Anchor™ Chef’s Heavy Cream has a 7 month shelf life.