Anchor Chef's Heavy Cream is at an already reduced consistency, saving valuable time and money in the kitchen.

With Anchor Chef's Heavy Cream, increase back of house efficiency without compromising quality.

Key Benefits


Saves money

Up to 40% better yield than conventional cream means you buy 1 quart and use 1 quart.


Saves time in the kitchen

The already reduced consistency of Anchor Chef's Heavy Cream ensures you will get a beautifully coated dish each and every service.

Excellent presentation and consistency

Anchor Chef's Heavy Cream is so simple to use that it ensures you'll get the same quality output each and every time you prepare a dish.



Won’t separate or curdle when added to acidic ingredients, holds hot without breaking or clumping and is freeze-thaw stable.


Reheat Performance

Anchor Chef's Heavy Cream allows you to prepare sauces before service without them splitting or curdling when reheated to order.


Premium Quality

Made with real cream, contains 36% butter fat, gluten free, kosher certified.

Storage & Handling

  • Product can either be stored ambient between 68°F and 77°F or refrigerated between 35.6°F and 39.2°F.
  • Product must be refrigerated after opening to maintain safety.  Use within 5 days of opening.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Rotate the stock regularly.