Let's celebrate with Anchor Food Professionals

24 April 2018 2 Min Read

Capturing the trend where the camera eats first, our Anchor Food Professionals chefs created a selection of beautiful cakes to share with customers at our Celebration Cake Workshop.

Customers capturing innovative cake decorating techniques

Customers capturing innovative cake decorating techniques

This workshop bought through our passion for food to help inspire like-minded customers with innovative ideas to elevate a simple celebration cake.   

Chef Bertrand Sommereux and Chef Lam Nguyen presented new ways to incorporate fresh, in-season fruit like mango with green tea (a highly popular ingredient worldwide) to produce a beautiful and delectable Mango Green Tea Cake.  This unique flavour combination was enjoyed by many of our customers and they would look to apply this recipe in their stores.

Vietnam’s Next Top Baker 2017

Mango Green Tea Cake in the making

The workshop also focused on demonstrating the versatility of Anchor Food Professionals’ products, such as adding Anchor FP’s Whipping Cream into a Green Tea Sponge, to enhance the sponge’s overall flavour. 

The workshop provided a great way for us to connect and to fuel the creative spark inside each and every one of our customers, so they left feeling inspired and energised to create beautiful cakes to satisfy their consumers’ desire. 

The workshop was a success with 88% of customers saying it was extremely helpful. They were especially pleased to learn new applications for our products, innovative ways to decorate cakes, as well as picking up helpful tips from Chef Bertrand Sommereux and Chef Lam Nguyen to use in their own business.