Anchor™ Lactic Lamination Butter Sheets

Pastry perfection

A perfectly crisp Croissant brings a smile to every face. And we've designed our Anchor Butter Sheets to do the same for you. Made from New Zealand pasteurised cream, these clever butter sheets are created for simplicity, flexibility, and a delicious buttery taste.

Key Benefits
Creamy cultured flavour

Creamy mouthfeel and rich cultured flavour and aroma. 

Loves lamination

For light, flaky croissants.

Fuss free flexibility

Easy, consistent workability.

Saves time and money

Save time prepping butter and speed up production with the ideal sheet format. 

It’s simple.

Anchor Butter Sheets give a crisp and flaky croissant with a deliciously soft honeycomb texture.

Anchor Lactic Lamination Butter Sheets

  Unit size Units per outer Shelf life Item code
Anchor Salted Lactic Butter Sheet 1kg 20 8 weeks 116028
Anchor Unsalted Lactic Butter Sheet
1kg 20 8 weeks  

Halal and Kosher.


Pasteurised cream (from cow’s milk),  Cow’s Milk Products (Lactic acid, Culture distillate)


Contains Milk and Dairy products. 

For best results:

  • Store frozen (-10°C to -25°C) inside the carton until needed. When stored frozen, product has a shelf-life of 24 months from time of manufacture. 
  • Thaw in refrigerator (2-4ºC) fully wrapped in plastic for 48 hours before use.
  • When needed, remove the sheets from the refrigerator and temper to 10-20°C, depending on the production environment and type of lamination butter sheet.
  • The sheets are ready to use when they are pliable, and able to bend 45 degrees without breaking or tearing.
  • The shelf life under refrigerated conditions (2-4 °C) is 8 weeks.