Smoked Salmon Terrine


Sep 25, 2023

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Smoked Salmon Terrine
1 no Unsliced Side of Smoked Salmon​
400 gr Anchor Cream Cheese
150 gr Anchor Unsalted Butter​
35 gr Anchovies 
Aniseed Cauliflower​
1 head Purple Cauliflower​
150 ml Pernod​
150 ml Olive Oil​
1 no Star Anise ​
0.5 no Minced garlic​
50 gr Pomegranate​
    Salt and pepper
Smoked Salmon Terrine
  1. Cut the smoked salmon length ways in to 1cm strips ​
  2. If needed square off smoked salmon strips so they 1cm x 1cm ​
  3. In a mixer soften Anchor cream cheese for 3-5mns​
  4. Added Soften Unsalted Anchor Butter and mix till smooth​
  5. Add Anchovies and mix till incorporated ​
  6. Line terrine mould with sliced gravlax​
  7. Spread a thin layer of Anchor cream cheese and Anchor Butter  mix on salmon stips and layer the terrine, ensuring there is cream cheese mix on each layer of the salmon​
  8. Repeat process till terrine is full. ​
  9. Wrap tightly in cling film and chill ​
  10. Cut to desired thickness and serve  
Aniseed Cauliflower
  1. Core cauliflower and cut in to small florets​
  2. In pot and olive oil and add cauliflower and garlic and sweat off​
  3. Add pernod and cook till al dente ​
  4. Season with salt and pepper​
  5. Once chilled add pomegranate 



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