Premium cheese.  From 100% Mozzarella to quick and tasty processed cheese, our range tops the lot.

Everyday easy

Available in different fit-for-purpose formats.

Deliciously versatile

Tasty, stretchy, or creamy? Job done!

Long shelf life

Lasts up to 12 months. 

Anchor Extra Stretch+ Mozzarella Cheese

The same great benefits as the original Anchor Extra Stretch Mozzarella Cheese with improved performance in a wider range of ovens and better for delivery. Learn more today.

Anchor Slice-on-Slice Processed Cheese

Our easy-peel Anchor Processed Cheddar Cheese Slices will save you time – with no prep, no mess, and no waste. Tastes and looks great. Learn more today.

Mainland Colby Block

The mild melting marvel, Mainland Colby is the perfect cheese for grilling to a golden crust.

Mainland Edam Block

EDAM is a versatile cheese with a smooth texture and light fresh flavour.

Mainland Gouda Block

Creamy textured with a sweet and buttery flavour, Mainland GOUDA is the perfect addition to any cheeseboard.

Mainland Tasty Block

Aged for up to 18 months for that true Mainland flavour, the incredibly versatile Mainland TASTY is the ideal cheese for almost any occasion.

Mainland Vintage Block

A real cheese lover’s cheese. Aged for up to 24 months, Mainland VINTAGE cheddar has a crumbly texture and real bite.

Anchor Cheddar Cheese

A young cheese that has been matured for 3-6 months with mild cheddar flavour and a smooth buttery texture. It's very easy to slice and is a great choice for salads, in sandwiches or as a snack.

Anchor Colby & Cheddar Shredded Cheese

Anchor Food Professionals Colby & Cheddar Shredded Cheese is a smooth mildy flavoured cheese with a soft body. It is the easy, fast and cost-effective way to add flavour and texture to pasta dishes, sauces, melts, sandwiches and salads.

Anchor Mozzarella Cheese

Anchor Mozzarella Cheese gives outstanding pizza stretch, so customers enjoy a delicious, authentic pizza experience every time.

Anchor Parmesan Shredded

Uniformed in yellow colour, Anchor Parmesan Shredded cheese is excellent to provide a distinctive flavour to many dishes.

Perfect Italiano Parmesan Grated

Authentic Italian-style Parmesan cheese. Matured in the traditional way for up to 18 months for a bold flavour, and finely grated for your convenience.

Anchor 12's Processed Cheddar Cheese Slices

Anchor Processed Cheese Slices is a processed individually wrapped cheese slice. It has a medium cheese flavour and slightly elastic body. Perfect for gourmet burger and sandwich applications.

Anchor Hi-Melt Processed Cheddar Cheese

Anchor Hi-Melt Processed Cheese block has a mild to medium cheddar cheese flavour.