Naan with Cheese


Apr 11, 2023

1 min read

500 gr Plain Flour 
7 gr Salt 
10 gr Sugar 
30 gr Anchor Unsalted Butter (melted) 
10 gr Instant Yeast 
330 gr Anchor UHT Milk 
45 gr Yoghurt 
600 gr Anchor Extra Stretch+ Mozzarella 
    As needed Anchor Salted Butter (Clarified and Melted) 
    As needed Parsley (Finely chopped) 
  1. In a mixer with dough hook attachment, add plain flour, salt, sugar and yeast, mix on low speed
  2. Add yogurt, melted Anchor Unsalted Butter and Anchor UHT Milk, mix on medium speed for 5-8 minutes until optimal dough development using windowpane test. Dough temperature should be between 24 and 28°C 
  3. Round dough and let rest for 15 minutes 
  4. Scale dough to 165g and round each dough  
  5. Cover with clingfilm and let dough rest for 15 minutes  
  6. Measure 50g Anchor Extra Stretch+ Mozzarella, wrap into dough and roll into oval shape  
  7. Cover with clingfilm and let dough rest for 15 minutes  
  8. Using a rolling pin, roll dough flat to about 2mm thickness and pull to a tear drop shape  
  9. Proof naan at 35°C and 85% RH for 20 minutes  
  10. Bake naan in deck oven on oven hearth; top and bottom heat 240°C for about 2 minutes 
  11. Remove naan from oven and top with Anchor Extra Stretch+ Mozzarella 
  12. Return to oven and continue baking for another 2 minutes  
  13. Remove naan from oven, brush with melted Anchor Salted  Butter 
  14. Garnish with chopped parsley and serve hot
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