Butter - Naturally Delicious 


Aug 28, 2018

3 mins read

Of course, a meal that tastes good is just as important to a customer as one that is good for them – and butter has a deliciously unique flavour capable of further elevating your menu offerings.

Butter has a wide variety of uses in kitchens and bakeries.
Butterfat traps air when creamed with sugar, which helps cakes rise. It also helps with developing gluten and contributes to the flavour, texture and shelf-life of baked goods

Butter’s mouthfeel is beautifully smooth with a creamy texture.
With its perfect melting properties, it provides a rich base for sauces, such as a classic béarnaise or béchamel.

As well as working perfectly with base ingredients like onion or garlic, butter’s also ideal for spicy dishes.
Its flavour-carrying properties means it absorbs and helps uniformly distribute a spice’s flavour. 

Absolutely nothing compares to croissants or pastries made with pure butter.
Butter creates layers and height for baked goods. Its moisture also helps pastries stay fresh for longer.

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