Global partnership with Worldchefs


Apr 13, 2023

3 mins read

We’ve added a new ingredient into the mix – a global partnership with Worldchefs.  

Here at Anchor Food Professionals, we’ve been cooking up something pretty special. We’re proud to announce an exciting new partnership with the World Association of Chefs. And as official dairy sponsor of Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2024, we’ll be sharing everything from our culinary expertise and trends, to business insights, menu innovations and more.

It’s a chance for us to demonstrate how our high-performance products are dedicated to on-farm excellence, sustainable growth, and cutting-edge science. All the ingredients that make Anchor Food Professionals so special.

By adding our cream and butter into the mix, over 5000 of the world’s best Chefs will now have the chance to experience our products at trade events, global showcases, and more. We’ll be putting our New Zealand dairy heritage and experience to good use, providing expertise and insights to solve real-world issues in kitchens large and small around the world, as well as showcasing our grass-fed,  natural dairy nutrition; free from GMO, growth hormones and antibiotics*.

Worldchefs are excited too. “The world of food is constantly evolving, and it is rare to find a company that has made the intentional choice to dedicate resources to really learning with and listening to food service professionals,” says Rick Stephen, Chairman of Worldchefs Culinary Competition Committee and former Continental Director for Asia. “Now is more important than ever to nurture a shared vision for industry standards, and Anchor Food Professionals’ approach to culinology is a key part of the journey to innovate, refine and celebrate bringing the best quality products for chefs, both at work and in the Global Chefs Challenge arena. We welcome their chefs to our international network and look forward to meeting them in kitchens around the globe.”

A win for the world’s top chefs. And for foodies everywhere.

* When cows are sick and require antibiotic treatment, it is under veterinary advice. Antibiotics can only be prescribed by a veterinarian in New Zealand, and animals requiring treatment are removed from the herd and do not contribute to a farm’s milk supply until their withholding period has concluded and they are clinically recovered.

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