Mozzarella: A Star Ingredient


Dec 05, 2018

3 mins read

The key to turning out authentic pizzas comes down to using a quality mozzarella cheese.  

No other ingredient brings a pizza together quite like mozzarella – and its star power stems from its production process.

While mozzarella was traditionally made using water buffalo’s milk, today’s cheese is usually made with cow’s milk. Once the whey is separated from the curd, the curd undergoes a cooking and stretching process, delivering a cheese simply made for pizza.

As a natural living cheese, mozzarella continues to mature as it ages.  Key quality indicators such as stretch, melt and appearance have an optimal window, which is important for making great pizzas.

Mozzarella delivers a unique mouthfeel while holding a pizza’s ingredients together, and its creamy, mild flavour complements those other ingredients, rather than overpowering them. 

But it’s mozzarella’s famous stretch and melt that really deliver an authentic, memorable dining experience for customers – because nothing compares to the moment that first slice of pizza is lifted off a plate revealing its supreme stretch.

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