Mozzarella: Tradition vs Innovation


Aug 30, 2018

3 mins read

While mozzarella is king when it comes to a traditional pizza, the cheese is also enjoying different treatments in new markets.

Pizza may have originated in Italy, but it’s readily devoured in all corners of the world. 

And while some markets with strong Italian heritage, such as Australia and Brazil, enjoy traditional Italian-style pizza, there’s also demand there for innovative creations. The Australian market, for example, is leading the charge in premium pizzas, with fine dining ingredients and layered flavours a strong feature.

Meanwhile, in Asian markets there’s an established taste preference for the distinctive oceanic flavour of New Zealand mozzarella – and not just on pizza.

Mozzarella is also being used in fresh takes on traditional Asian dishes such as hotpots, dim sum, murtabak and shabu-shabu, where the cheese’s stretchy ‘wow’ factor and mild flavour are leveraged.

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