Ricotta Gnocchi


Apr 24, 2023

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Ricotta Gnocchi
500 gr Perfect Italiano Ricotta
100 gr Perfect Italiano Shredded Parmesan
70 gr '00’ flour 
1/2 tsp Nutmeg
2 tsp Fine chopped soft herbs (Italian parsley, basil & oregano)  
2 ea Egg yolks
    Salt to taste
3 L Blanching pot of salted water 
4 L Iced water bath
Garlic Pangrattato
1 ea Loaf sourdough bread (dried & rip into small chunks)
1 ea Lemon (finely grated zest) 
2 ea Garlic cloves (crushed and minced)
60 ml Extra virgin olive oil
1 cup Italian parsley (finely shredded)
1 tbsp Lemon thyme or thyme leaves
 Building your Gnocchi
125 ml Anchor Extra Yield Culinary Cream
150 gr Ricotta gnocchi
50 gr Wild mushrooms (Swiss brown, oyster & enoki) 
30 gr Button mushrooms 
50 ml White wine 
2 tbsp Olive oil
20 gr Western Star Unsalted Butter
    Season to taste
To Serve:
2 tbsp Garlic Pangrattato
8-10 ea Enoki Mushrooms
1 tbsp Herbs & parsley pollen to garnish 
1 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil (good quality)
Ricotta Gnocchi
  1. Mix ricotta, half the parmesan and egg together.   
  2. Add chopped herbs and mix until combined  
  3. Stir in flour gently until combined (don’t over work the dough) 
  4. Dust a benchtop and roll the gnocchi into logs and cut into 5-8cm lengths and set aside ready to be blanched  
  5. Drop gnocchi into the boiling blanching pot and leave until gnocchi floats  
  6. Remove gnocchi from the water and refresh in an ice bath.   
  7. Remove from ice bath and toss in olive oil to stop it from sticking again  
Garlic Pangrattato
  1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Toss breadcrumbs with lemon zest, garlic and oil. Spread over a baking tray and bake for 5 minutes or until golden. Cool slightly.
  2. Place herbs in a food processor and pulse until roughly chopped. Add breadcrumbs and pulse to combine. Store in an airtight container for 1-2 days (re-crisp in warm oven if needed).


  1. In a large pan over high heat, add 1Tblspn olive oil, mushrooms  and sauté until slightly softened 
  2. De-glaze the mushroom pan with white wine and cook off liquid   
  3. Quickly blanch gnocchi in a saucepan of salted water to warm slightly, drain and add to mushroom mix 
  4. Add more fresh herbs and toss to combine 
  5. Add Anchor Extra Yield Culinary Cream, quickly toss to coat gnocchi and season to taste 
  6. Remove from heat and toss through butter to loosen sauce and give the  sauce a nice sheen.   
To Serve:
  1. Pour gnocchi into a bowl  
  2. Sprinkle with pangrattato & raw enoki mushrooms 
  3. Garnish with parsley pollen & extra virgin olive oil    



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