Anchor™ Tinned Butter

The tin that can

Made with pure New Zealand butter, Anchor tinned butter can bring a great aroma and delicious flavour to all your baking and cooking recipes. Plus, with its longer shelf life, it can be stored at ambient temperature.

Your flexible friend

Use it when you need it, without refrigeration.

Naturally delicious

Made with high-quality pasteurised cream.

A true all-rounder

Pastries, desserts, cakes, icing, baking, biscuits or sauces… you get the idea. 


Halal and Kosher.

Anchor Tinned Butter

Unit size Units per outer Shelf life Item code
2kg 6 18 months 115095
454g 24    
Anchor Food Professionals Tinned Butter
  • Tinned Butter should be stored and handled in such a way that condensation is avoided. Local conditions will dictate this, but in general it is recommended that the product is kept at between +10°C and +25°C during transport, storage and distribution. 

  • Product should not be stored below 10°C as this increases the risk of condensation forming on the cans, which may result in the cans rusting (the temperature will depend on local conditions). 

  • Product should not be stored above +25°C as this will result in the butter melting.