Anchor Food Professionals will be at Asia Pacific’s biggest bakery event - Bakery China 22-25 May 2023 in Shanghai.


May 23, 2023

4 mins read

Bakery China is Asia Pacific’s leading event for bakery and confectionary – showcasing ingredients, equipment, packaging and services for the foodservice industry.

With expected over 2,000 exhibitors and 300,000 visitors, we’re proud to be a part of the event this year, which is expected to receive an outbreak of visitors after the lift of COVID-19 policies in China.

Bakery China has been an annual event since 1997, bringing together world leaders in bakery and foodservice to share the latest innovations and trends happening in the market.

Come and check out our stand to see why our New Zealand dairy expertise can make a difference in your kitchens and try out our products with our chefs on stand whipping up delicious bakery creations!

This year we will be showcasing our sustainability and New Zealand heritage – and how our cared for cows who graze in lush pastures produce milk that sets our dairy products apart from the rest. We’re also using exciting technology to create an virtual and immersive experience so our visitors can see our New Zealand farms for themselves!

Innovative themes and activations

Based on our up-to-date insights on global and China market trends, we will be creating new and on-trend applications so our customers can be inspired and stay ahead of the competition.

We have lots of different activations at our stand – from cakes to Chinese pastries like cheese mooncakes, a seasonal focus with Hi Fun Summer applications, new ways with bread and cheese for bistro inspiration, and the future of bakery zone where we showcase new ingredients and innovation for our bakery customers.

Top Chefs showcasing our products

M.O.F Jean-Francois Arnaud is our VIP guest, and he will be doing live demonstrations at our stand every day during the event. We also have a star Chinese chef doing live applications for our visitors to get inspiration for their own creations. Sound good? Come and visit us at Bakery China for all this and more!