Citrus Triple Chocolate Parfait Sandwich


Aug 22, 2023

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Chocolate parfait ingredients:
250 ml Anchor Food Professionals Culinary Cream
750 ml Anchor Food Professionals Whipping Cream
2   Eggs
2   Egg Yolks
150 gr Caster sugar 
150 gr Dark chocolate 
150 gr Milk chocolate 
1/2   Flaky sea salt 
2   Gold gelatine sheets 
Sponge Cookies:
125 gr Mainland Salted Butter
60 gr Caster sugar
4   Eggs
250 gr Flour
30 gr Baking poweder
Orange Curd:
4 ea Oranges, zest & juice 
100 gr Caster sugar
150   Eggs
100 gr Egg yolks
600 gr Mainland Unsalted Butter, cold diced
1/2 tsp Xanthan gum (or maize cornflour) 
Chocolate parfait:
  1. Warm the Anchor Food Professionals Culinary Cream and add chocolate. Soak gelatine, drain and add to warm chocolate mix.
  2. Whip the egg and sugar together in a mixer until light and fluffy (6–8 minutes).
  3. Add chocolate to egg and mix until smooth. Whip the Anchor Food Professionals Whipping Cream and fold into the mix.
  4. Transfer to a greased and lined tray or cylindrical mould and put into the freezer until set (4–6 hours).
  5. Cut into discs 2cm thick and place between 2 sponge cookies.
  6. Top with quenelle of yuzu cream cheese, dots of blood orange gel, mandarin meringue, freeze dried mandarin & finish by dusting with mandarin sherbet. 
Sponge Cookies:
  1. In a mixer, cream butter & sugar together. When pale in colour add 1 egg at a time while continuing to whisk.
  2. Combine dry ingredients with wet & mix well. Spoon batter onto lined baking tray in 8cm round cookies.
  3. Bake @200°C for 6–8 minutes. 
Orange Curd:
  1. Add orange juice and zest, sugar and eggs to a double boiler continually slowly stirring with a plastic spatula until it reaches 82°C. Strain & cool to 55°C.
  2. Blend in cold diced butter & xanthan gum until smooth and thickened. Set in fridge then decant into squeezy bottle or piping bag for service. 
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