The Natural Goodness of Dairy is the Natural Choice


Aug 23, 2023

9 mins read

Consumers today want great tasting and quality products that are made from natural ingredients.

With our industry insights and world leading research and innovation we are continuously creating new high function, fit-for purpose dairy ingredients that help meet the demands of our customers' food businesses.   

Natural Goodness

The natural goodness of milk makes it a great source of nutrition. 

The majority of New Zealand cows enjoy the benefits of grass based feeding in open pastures with access to fresh, clean drinking water giving Anchor Food Professionals dairy products their natural goodness and taste appeal.

For example, the Anchor Food Professionals range of whipping and culinary creams are made by extracting the cream from milk by physical centrifugation which goes through the ultra-heat treatment process, without adding any artificial colours or flavours.

Imitation or non-dairy is widely used in pastries, cakes and desserts but may be made using hydrogenated vegetable oils which has the undesirable effect of increasing the content of industrially produced trans fats.

The natural goodness of dairy is the natural choice.

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