Produce the Perfect Pizza


Aug 23, 2023

17 mins read

The citizens of Naples are famously credited with inventing the pizza as we know it in 1889 in honour of the king's wife, Margherita. Today pizza is the world’s most popular food.   

Consumers today want great tasting quality pizzas, served fast, made from natural ingredients. The perfect pizza has delicious flavour, texture and abundant fresh toppings. Every slice should have an appealing and flavoursome balance of ingredients and so should the pizza as a whole.

Mozzarella Cheese is often said to be the “soul of the pizza”, the star that harmonises the flavours. It is an essential ingredient, both to hold your pizza topping on its base, and to impart a unique mouth feel. The visible appeal of the golden melted cheese and quality of its stretch as the slice is lifted off the pizza can make for an unforgettable experience.

Using a quality mozzarella in pizza making will ensure minimal oiling, plus a consistent melt, cheese flow, stretch and mouthfeel. All extremely important to ensure an attractive and flavoursome finished pizza.


Stretch creates a great first impression and signals the abundance of fresh toppings and freshness, it also adds theatre and anticipation of eating the delicious pizza.


Mozzarella’s superior melt and coverage qualities result in a delicious, authentic pizza experience every time.


To enjoy a delicious, authentic pizza experience every time it is important to use ingredients that will create consistent appearance, flavour and texture.

Anchor Food Professionals Extra Stretch IQF Mozzarella Cheese is 100% Mozzarella that is individually Quick Frozen to lock in the optimum functionality which ensures that it will always deliver the fresh quality and authentic taste that pizza lovers are looking for.

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