Seasonal Fruit Pie


Aug 22, 2023

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Roast Peach Pie Filling:
    2 kg Seasonal peaches or fruit, peeled & seeded
    100 ml Local whiskey of your choice
    150 gr Brown sugar
    1 tsp Vanilla paste
    3 ea Sprigs rosemary whole  (incl. 1 for garnish)
    100 gr Mainland Unsalted Butter
      pinch Flaky sea salt
    1 kg Sweet pastry for the pie
No-churn Ice Cream:
250 tsp Anchor Fresh Cream, whipped
250 gr Anchor Cream Cheese, softened
140 gr Sweetened condensed milk 
1 tsp Vanilla paste
500 ml Coffee porter, reduced to 100ml
Roast Peach Pie Filling:
  1. Once peaches are peeled, quarter them or chop them into rough pieces. 
  2. Cover them with the sugar and add to a large frying pan alongside the rosemary sprigs and cook on medium to high starting to break apart, to ensure they have some texture this should only take a few minutes. Allow to cool slightly. 
  3. Lightly grease a tray or pie dish and line the base with the sweet pastry.  
  4. For the top, measure the diameter and add on 2cm round. This will give you a small overlap but you need this as the pastry will shrink when cooking.
  5. Pour the peaches into the tray lined with the pastry base. Sprinkle the flaky sea salt, add the lid however you see fit and give it a good egg wash or butter wash. 
  6. Place in the oven for 15–20 minutes until golden brown. Once cooked slip in the remaining sprig of rosemary head down into the pie, this will give you an amazing aromatic flavour of fresh rosemary to fill your restaurant with. Serve hot or cold.
No-churn Ice Cream:
  1. Combine cream cheese, vanilla and condensed milk into a bowl and mix until lump free.
  2. Whip the fresh cream to soft peaks. If doing so, add flavours of your choice before folding into the cream cheese mix.
  3. Place into an airtight container of choice and place in freezer for 5 hours or until set.
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