Sloppy Joe Jaffle


Aug 22, 2023

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Sloppy Joe Jaffle: 
    2 sliced Bread of choice
    5 slices Pickled jalapeño, diced 
    1 ea Mainland Natural Tasty Cheese Slices
    100 gr Pulled pork
    1 tbsp Mainland Unsalted Butter, softened for buttering
Pulled Pork:
    1 ea Smoked pork hock 
    2 kg Pork shoulder 
    10 sprigs Thyme, picked & chopped 
    1 sprig Rosemary, picked & finely chopped 
    2 L Chicken stock or water 
    2 ea Onion, roughly chopped 
    5 ea Garlic cloves 
    100 gr Mainland Unsalted Butter
Sloppy Joe Jaffle:
  1. Butter the outsides of your chosen square loaf bread.
  2. Top one of the un-buttered slices of bread with tasty cheese and evenly spread with pulled pork mix.
  3. Top with diced jalapeños and second slice of bread and place in electric or open fire jaffle iron.
  4. Serve piping hot and wrapped in parchment to seal in the goodness.
Pulled Pork:
  1. In a deep baking tray place the hock and shoulder along with garlic, onion, and all other ingredients ensuring there is enough stock/liquid to cover the meat.
  2. Bake covered at 150°C for 4 hours.
  3. Leave to cool and hand pull the meat while still has a little warmth to make it easier.
  4. Remove all bones, strain and reduce liquid by half and add back to pulled pork mix.
  5. Leave to cool and store ready to build.
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