Wagyu Cheddar Burger


Aug 22, 2023

1 min read

    Toasted brioche bun
    Black truffle hollandaise - hollandaise combined with black truffle paste 
    Seared Wagyu burger patty
    Sliced Mainland Tasty or Mainland Vintage Aged Cheddar
    Panfried prosciutto until crisp
    Skinned tomatoes that have been blistered with a blow torch or under the grill
    Lettuce leaves 
    Fried potato skins 
  1. Liberally spread the grilled burger bun with smoked chipotle mayo.
  2. Pile on pork hock.
  3. Top with green apple & coriander slaw.
  4. Layer over sliced brie.
  5. Scatter with a few microgreens.
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