Gâteau Ardéchois


Sep 25, 2023

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Almond Succès
260 g Eggs
110 g Icing Sugar
225 g Ground Almonds
65 g Plain Flour
460 g Egg Whites
200 g Sugar
30 g Anchor Unsalted Butter (melted)
    Almond Flakes
    Icing Sugar
Chestnut Buttercream        
100 g Buttercream
800 g Chestnut Paste
180 g Congnac
Soft Caramel
100 g Sugar
100 g Anchor Chef's Classic Whipping Cream
1/2 no Vanilla Pod
80 g Anchor Unsalted Butter
Caramel Crème Chantilly​
750 g Anchor Chef's Classic Whipping Cream
200 g Soft Caramel
5 g Gelatin Powder
30 g Water
Almond Succès​
  1. In a mixer with whisk attachment, mix eggs, icing sugar, ground almond and plain flour.​
  2. In a separate mixer with whisk attachment, whip egg whites with sugar​.
  3. Fold meringue into egg mixture​.
  4. Temper melted Anchor Unsalted Butter with some batter, then fold into batter​.
  5. Scale 230g batter for each tray with frame 38cm(L) x 26cm(W) x 0.5cm (H), spread evenly and sprinkle with almond flakes and icing sugar​.
  6. Bake in deck oven at top 210°C, bottom 170°C for 8 – 10 minutes​.


Chestnut Buttercream
  1. Prepare buttercream, mix eggs, egg yolks, sugar and water over bain-marie to 80°C and transfer to mixer with whisk attachment​
  2. Then proceed to whip in mixer on medium speed until a fine foamy texture​
  3. At around 50˚C, add Anchor Unsalted Butter cubes gradually while whipping until light and fluffy​
  4. Add chestnut paste and cognac to buttercream, whip until smooth, ensure no lumps​ 
Soft Caramel
  1. Make a dry caramel with sugar and vanilla pod, stop the cooking with warmed whipping cream
  2. ​Continue to cook to 108˚C, then gently mix in Anchor Unsalted Butter​
  3. Leave to cool
Caramel Crème Chantilly
  1. Sprinkle gelatin in water​. 
  2. Boil Anchor Chef’s Classic Whipping Cream with soft caramel, then add in bloomed gelatin. ​
  3. Chill for 24 hours.​ 
  4. In a mixer with whisk attachment, whip caramel chantilly cream to piping consistency.​
  1. Assembling on a frame of 38cm(L) x 26cm(W) x 0.5cm (H), place a sheet of  almond succes, spread 220g of chestnut buttercream.​
  2. Repeat the process to get 5 layers of almond success then freeze.​
  3. Make a ‘chablon’ on the base of cake with dark chocolate and cut into rectangular 11.5cm(L) x 3cm(W) x 5cm(H)​.
  4. Decorate sides of cake with blonde chocolate​.
  5. Pipe caramel crème chantilly atop and finish decoration with candied almond flakes​.
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