Orange Blossom Malabi Custard


1 min read

    1 cup Milk, whole
    1 T Gelatine, unflavoured (powdered)
    6 T Sugar, granulated
    2 tsp Orange blossom water
    2 1/4 cup Anchor™ Chef’s Heavy Cream
    3/4 cup Water
    1 tsp Rose water
  1. In a saucepot, add milk and sprinkle gelatine on top, let sit 10 min.
  2. Place pot on stove, medium heat, and stirring until mixture reached 135° F.
  3. Remove from heat and add sugar and orange blossom water, stir to dissolve.
  4. Whisk in Anchor™ Chef’s Heavy Cream and water.
  5. Set pot in an ice water bath, stirring until mixture is chilled.
  6. Divide amongst eight 4-6 oz bowls.
  7. Cover with plastic, and refrigerate until set (at least 4 hrs).
  8. Garnish with berries.
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